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Modern maternity care in Amsterdam

In the Netherlands we have a very unique system of giving maternity care, which to most foreigners is unknown. For example, pregnant women have the choice to give birth in their own house accompanied by a midwife and an assistant, but also have the option to give birth at the hospital. In case of a medical indication giving birth is always done in a hospital under the supervision of a gynecologist.

During your pregnancy you will be under the supervision of a midwife or a gynecologist. Together you will plan out your pregnancy based on your wishes and in accordance with your clinical needs and those of the baby.

In the Netherlands we value healthcare based on prevention a lot. In our vision it is important that a healthy and vivid development is guaranteed for all babies, regardless of their personal, cultural and religious beliefs.

Caregivers also have an informative and supportive function regarding the development of the baby and check this through a network of partners called the “Ouder en Kind Centrum” (OKC). Midwifes, nurses and pediatricians are part of this network.

Only when a baby is ill or has a disease it will be treated by a GP or a specialized pediatrician. They can refer the parents and the baby to other disciplines of healthcare e.g. physiotherapy or speech therapy.

De Kleine Amsterdammer?

De Kleine Amsterdammer is a modern maternity care company which consists of a personal and caring team of nurses. Our nurses are specialized in giving maternity care to foreigners, e.g. expats and native speaking nurses are available. For more information on maternity care for foreigners please feel free to contact us by e-mail on

What is maternity care?

De Kleine Amsterdammer offers her services based on the principals of the National Protocol of Indication (in Dutch: Landelijk Indicatie Protocol, LIP). The standard package of maternity care consists of 49 hours spread over the first 8 days after giving birth. The main task of the nurse is to take care of the mother and baby. The nurse does this by doing daily checkups, observing and reporting the needs of healthcare. All nurses of De Kleine Amsterdammer are competent professionals and have education regularly on the latest developments in birth care. The purpose of maternity care besides checking up and taking care of the mother and the baby, is to prepare the parents on parenthood. For this reason the nurse will inform and instruct you by taking care of the baby and the integration of the new family member. The nurse also takes care of a hygienic environment and will do the basic tasks in the household. De Kleine Amsterdammer has a very tight relationship with other shackles in the chain of birth care and all our nurses are instructed on a smooth and flawless transfer to the next caregiver.

Minimum package

The legal minimum of maternity care is 24 hours spread over the first 8 days and equates to 3 hours per day. This is a statutory provision which on request can be arranged in case of small housing or care by family members is also arranged.

Maximum maternity care

In specific circumstances the indicated amount of hours can fluctuate. It is possible to increase the amount of hours or sometimes days to a maximum of 80 hours spread over 10 days.


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